3 Tools That Produce Success

Tools That Produce Success
3 Tools That Produce Success

3 Tools That Produce Success

I share 3 tools that produce success. These tools produce results for success with my clients. When these 3 tools are activated correctly, lives change. They change for the better. My clients have more success in relationships, business, and health. Check them out now.


No. 1  Intentional Focus

Of the 3 tools that produce success, Intentional Focus is first. Take time to think through what you want. Articulate your goals out loud. Write them down. If you don’t take time to focus, the goal just stays in your head.

I help my clients come up with a strategy that works for them. I ask clients to identify the challenges in achieving their specific goal.  As a result, clients become empowered as they decide what they want to do to minimize fore seen obstacles and snags.  Certainly, preparing to be ready for the challenges gives clients an edge before they begin.


To be successful, intentionally focusing on our goal(s), planning and strategizing is a must.


No. 2 Intentional Joy

Another tool is being intentional in participating in activity that  gives you joy. That’s right. Discover and articulate what gives you joy and plan on doing more of it. I share an excellent strategy with my clients on discovering what gives them joy.

Intentional Joy is being aware of what makes you feel thrilled, delighted or above all, blissfully content  and participating more in those events. The emotion of feeling joy, has proven to give health benefits and longer quality of life.


And Finally….


No. 3 Give-to-Get

Negotiating in business and relationships is key to success and fulfillment. Giving something in order to receive something is not selfish. In contrast, it is smart. We don’t want to give and then grab or take. Instead, wanting to give what our partner wants, in order for them to cheerfully give back to us, is paramount in relationships.

Check out  one of my earlier posts on Give-to-Get.


This 3rd tool is powerful and rewarding.


Want more success?

Experience the results of mastering these 3 tools. Call me for a free session.


-Karen Moilliet   May 5, 2020









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