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Better relationships change our lives and are the catalyst for success.




I am Karen Moilliet, a Certified Life Coach with The Raymond Aaron Group since 2007 and an Associate Certified Coach with International Coach Federation since 2015. I have worked with individuals and groups to help them strategize for relationship success in their personal lives and with their corporate team.

Relationships that work have been my number one priority in life: 

  • My commitment to my husband of over 4 decades inspired me to write “Silk On Fire”.
  • Raising and home-educating my seven children has given me life-experiences that have motivated me to dig for better ways to teach, coach and relate with families.
  • Being a leader of a large agriculture organization has allowed me opportunities to see the world through enterprising eyes.
  • Working in agriculture and tourism has grown my experience with different businesses and international clients.



How do you measure success? By your faithful relationships or by your bank account? Can you name one person who remains happily successful without healthy relationships at business and in work?

I believe in DYNAMIC relationships that produce EFFECTIVE TEAMS, resulting in STRONG healthy FAMILIES and COMMUNITIES and PROFITABLE COMPANIES.

Are you having difficulty motivating your team?

Do you want more profit, less conflict and more retention of your best managers?

Are you stuck in family conflict?

Do you want a dynamic relationship with your spouse?

Is there misunderstanding between you and the in-laws?

My thought provoking questions encourages your creativity to develop your own solutions – solutions that bring change and health into your relationships.

I work to facilitate change with my clients by exploring options and strategies in their life that will empower them and help them reach their potential. I facilitate workshops that will have your team moving forward; a team motivated to have a coaching atmosphere that will bring better retention and more understanding relationships in the work place resulting in more profit.

With LIFE COACH HELPS you will have a personal strategy, have accountability, and be moving forward with successful steps towards better relationships, motivated teams, less conflict and more understanding in the home and at work. When our work and family relationships are running smoothly our business reflects this. Fulfill your goals and ambitions in a much shorter time by living out of healthy relationships.

Life Coach Helps guarantees* personal results that will lead you to personal success.

Karen says:
“I don’t have an agenda; I do have a commitment. When we work together my loyalty is to you. My commitment is to help you discover your passion and your own motivation to achieve your success. Helping YOU find a strategy for you to take action to move YOU forward is my goal.”

That strategy would be a voluntary collaborative plan focused on continued performance development, and this is always something that can be measured.

*During 3 strategy sessions with Life Coach Helps an individual client will develop a plan that, when followed through over 3 months, will bring personal results and personal success or their money back.


The client experiences satisfaction with the progress of his/her steps towards their goal achievements as written down and defined in their collaborative plan with Karen.



Karen and Client collaboratively create a plan for the client to follow, including goals, steps and tasks.


When clients have completed 3 strategy sessions in a minimum 1 month to a maximum of 3 months and have not experienced Personal Success.

Change Your Life with Relationships that work – Relationships that matter


I have learned a lot from Karen, as she manages to include steps and tips that I can implement right away into my work and personal life. She encourages me to create goals that get me out of my comfort zone in manageable steps. I am the type of person that likes problem-solving out loud and this approach has been immensely helpful in my conversations with her. This allowed me to come up with my solutions whenever I felt stuck or overwhelmed. Each time I am reminded of what my core values are and to stick authentically to them. I always look forward to talking to her since I find out a lot about myself in each session. Diana Apuada, Lower Mainland BC.

– Diana

I thought taking life coaching would be a good experience since I was about to go into university. It really helped put me on the right track for success. I was definitely helped. I left the coaching sessions with a better view of what I really wanted in life. I had a bit of an awareness of my gifting, and passion in life but Karen’s coaching taught me how to use those giftings. I left the 4 coaching sessions with clarity and a more definite plan than before I signed up for Life Coach Helps.

I would gladly take more coaching with Karen and would recommend Life Coach Helps to a friend or acquaintance.

– Erika McCaig

Karen has an uncanny ability to hone in on specific ‘mental blocks’, which can prevent personal life progress. Her superior listening skills, and insightful and constructive comments, combined with useful exercises and organizational-skills encouragement, were tremendously helpful in my examination of my own life. With her patient, caring and empathic support, I’ve found both strengths to celebrate, and personal weaknesses to focus on and improve. Karen’s calm and clarity are deeply reassuring.

I strongly recommend Karen as a Life-Coach to anyone who would like to succeed in sorting out life’s overwhelming details, and who wants to ‘move ahead’ into a state of personal wellness and accomplishment…

Thank you so much, Karen.

– Maureen Brown



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