I Am Not Motivated To Do Anything

taking a walk in nature is one step to help us get motivated
Feeling Unmotivated? A Nature walk is your first Step.

I Am Not Motivated

I am not motivated to do anything  this time of year.  Let me rephrase. I find that there are many days during this time of year that I feel unmotivated.  I have a lot on my list to do; but either I am confused as to what to start on first or I feel defeated before I start.  What I have found is the best thing to do when I don’t feel motivated to do anything is to throw on my coat, boots, gloves and toque and just take off for a walk. I tell myself it is just a 5 minute walk.

What Works

As soon as I begin walking I mentally go over my  list of things that I should do.

Step 1:  I choose the one thing that I would enjoy doing the most. (Yesterday it was cleaning my living room carpet)

Step 2:  I concentrated on enjoying my walk. I breath deeply. I listen and try to identify sounds. Yesterday, within 4 minutes I saw something that was beautiful to my eye. Within 10 minutes I observed rabbit tracks in the fresh snow on the frozen creek.  Now my curiosity kicked in.  I did a little nature observing. Where did the rabbit enter the frozen over stream? Where did it jump off?

The sun shone warmly on my face as I wandered  home.  My mind started to picture the carpet and how it would look all cleaned up. By the time I entered my door I was refreshed in body and spirit and motivated to get the carpet cleaner out.

Step 3: I  accomplish the favourite task.

Still Feeling Unmotivated?

That’s alright; because you have physically done something good for yourself. Your mind has been refreshed and if you followed through with step 3 you have accomplished something that you wouldn’t have had.  Cheer up.  Try it all over again tomorrow if you still are not motivated to do anything.


Submitted by Karen Moilliet–February 23, 2021





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