Have You Had a Setback in Your Goals?

The stalled truck shows that there has been a setback in the planned project.
A Setback in the project.

Setbacks, Snags and Loss

Did you experience a setback in your goals? Have you had some snags in the planned project?  Have you come to a hitch in the progress of your timeline? The above photo shows a huge dump truck broken down on our road project. Everything is at a standstill until it is fixed.  Life is like that! Sometimes there is a minor setback; sometimes we experience huge tragedies: and of course, the loss of a loved one completely derails us.

Today I want to chat about minor setbacks. Let’s think about how to get through them. The very, very, first thing is to allow yourself time to grieve over the loss. That’s right!  We often think of grieving only if a loved one dies. However, there are other things in our life that we do grieve over:  from a burnt out family home to a failed exam. So when there is loss, recognize it as loss and allow yourself some time to grieve. It is actually good to set a time limit  on how long you are going to allow yourself to grieve. If it is a minor setback, an example would be: I am going to allow myself a ten minute walk before I start the process again. If it is a major setback, an example might be: I am going on a short sabbatical or I am going to see a therapist or coach or consultant. Depending on the magnitude of the loss, the repercussions of the setback and your personality, the length of the grieving time will differ.

The importance of this grieving is to recognize what you need in order to get through the disappointment or loss.  Give yourself that time, but don’t stay there.

Three Steps That Help

Remember these 3 steps:

  1. Repeat out loud  many times every day, “I can still accomplish and achieve what I want. This is just a slight disappointment; a minor setback.”
  2. Concentrate on what you need to do to get back on track; solve the challenge.
  3. Devise new steps towards your goals to get to your outcome.

A Life Coach Can Help You With a Setback in Your Goals

A Life Coach can help you in all of these steps. We all need someone to talk with after a loss or disappointment. Hiring a professional  helps get us back on track.   So often we need to renegotiate our journey and devise new steps so that it doesn’t become overwhelming. A non-directive coach like myself will not tell you what to do. Rather, we help you unpack your thoughts and  ask powerful questions you hadn’t thought of. This opens up a person’s mind to their greatest personal solutions for success.


Submitted by Karen Moilliet    February 16, 2021




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