The Unforgettable Gift

Years ago when a friend and I were raising children of the same age in the same decade she gave me an unforgettable gift.

The Idea

It was a 5X7″ coil-bound notebook with a sewn Christmas fabric cover.  She had simply labelled it “Christmas Memories” with ballpoint pen on the inside. You know how the gifts on Christmas morning get all unwrapped in a flurry? Sometimes you can’t remember what a dear relative gave to the children.  It can be quite embarrassing when the grandparents ask how their grandchild  liked their gift days later and in that moment your mind is a blank.  This gift solved that challenge! In this book I wrote each of  my children’s names on a page and then wrote down all gifts they received from whoever as they unwrapped them. I also recorded all the family members that came to stay over the holidays. Special memories have been recorded and even recipes that I have used and that were a success.

The Key

I still write in it three decades later.  And here is the key to it’s lasting quality. My friend told me to store it with my tree ornaments; that way I would never have to look for it. She was right! The fabric cover has made it identifiable and very durable over the years.  Every time I use or look at that “Christmas Memories” book, I am reminded of our friendship. When I open it, I am ever grateful of the memories that she inspired me to write down. 

The Friend

Perhaps you have a friend that you are still undecided as to what you can give. You want to make it special and not so commercial.  I highly recommend this idea. Your friend doesn’t have to have children around for it to be useful.  It doesn’t have to be a difficult project to make it personal. A special hardback journal book with a piece of lovely Christmas fabric glued to the front and back works well if you don’t sew. Thirty years ago my friend didn’t have a lot of money so she used an inexpensive notebook and her sewing skills and applied it to a novel idea and created an unforgettable memory for me.

The Memories

Create good memories this Christmas 2019 anyway you can.

–Merry Christmas from Karen




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