Gratitude’s Lesson

accomplishing traveling to the Phillipines goal
I managed to visit the Philippines.

A Lesson In Gratitude

It is interesting that I wrote a post on Gratitude 2 months ago; because going on a  a 3-week trip to the Philippines last month was definitely  a lesson in gratitude. If I ever  wondered what it would be like to eat only boiled fish and rice every day for a week,  I found out. I also found out what it is like to be grateful for the fish and rice. I won’t be going back for the diet but I will be going back for the 15 people who made sure I got the best plate in their house to eat my rice on. 

Philippine Comfort Rooms (CR)

Perhaps we all should take our own tissue into the public bathrooms. It would save on trees if we  took our own hand towel. Perhaps we don’t need to and shouldn’t flush TP down our Canadian toilets. However, on returning home, I was really grateful for our clean and well stocked public washrooms in Canada.

Going Back

I won’t be going back because of the washrooms.  I won’t be going back for the clear, blue, paradise ocean for snorkeling; I’ll be going back because of people like  Captain Junior who put up a cloth umbrella  to give me shade on his tiny, reliable fishing boat when he took us snorkeling. I won’t be going back because I enjoyed seeing the high- rise Manila shopping malls. I’ll go back because of the courage of an uneducated, single mother who sells candy for 5 pesos a bag, every afternoon on a poverty- stricken street corner she can walk to, so that she can contribute to her child’s education. 

I won’t be going back so that I can have the best holiday ever; no- I’ll be going back to see my courageous daughter- give shelter and hope to female victims of violence, extreme poverty and the sex industry; because maybe, just maybe there will be something small, but helpful, I can do, that no one else noticed. And in that– I will be grateful that I was able to.



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