Feeling Overwhelmed? Karen offers Help

Overwhelmed means submerged in water
Feeling like you are submerged in water and can't get a breath?

Feeling Overwhelmed? There is help.

Feeling overwhelmed is common for this time of year. New schools, new jobs and new moves.  The word ‘overwhelmed’ means completely submerged in water and not able to emerge. That’s okay if you are a fish!   If you are feeling like this you are not alone. It happens to the best of planners. Here are 5  steps to take if you are feeling overwhelmed and need help. They have helped me.

5 Steps to Help:

  1. Call someone -You will be amazed at how, just by talking to someone and having them listen to your situation, this will help you with the next step. Choose someone who is a good listener and who will not change the conversation back to them self or give you advice.
  2. Identify 1-3 areas that are causing you to feel overwhelmed .-No more than 3 because you don’t want to increase the feeling of ‘being overwhelmed’.
  3. Delegate – Ask yourself “What project or part of a project can I delegate?”  Delegation is your strongest tool.
  4. Apply 10 minutes of time to the project this very day. -After working on a project for a few minutes a person usually has a more hopeful outlook.
  5. Re-strategize your plan for the next day after applying 10 minutes of time to at least 1 area of responsibility. -This helps you to keep the momentum up and to accomplish what you need to  in order to get free from this overwhelming feeling.


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Submitted by Karen Moilliet     September 2, 2020



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